#75 gardening

I never really have a flair in gardening but recently, due to a twist of events, I am doing a fair bit of gardening in school. Gardening is a form of long-term but low-effort commitment. Each time when I am in the garden, I will harvest, prune and check the irrigation pipelines. It’s something I need to do quite regularly but it doesn’t take too much effort or time.

So lately, I have been trying to plant some red-leaf hibiscus using stem-cutting propagation at home to hone my green fingers. It was my first time doing stem-cutting propagation so everyday I water the plant and monitor how it goes. After a week, I thought that it didn’t look too well and I wanted to give up. My mum decided to take over the caring for the plant and after a few days, she told me, “It’s growing fine, very well in fact. Don’t worry about it. Look at my other plant: it only has one leaf. Even though it only has one leaf, I am not giving up on it.”

I thought that’s quite a good metaphor for education – sometimes the less experienced teachers get a bit impatient as we want to see the results of our efforts. But the more experienced teachers will know that change takes time and different people mature at different pace. And as long as we can see some potential in that child, we should never give up. Keep doing what we are doing and one day we will see the fruits of our efforts. Have some patience, determination and courage to keep trying.


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