#71 the hotel receptionist in Novy Smokovec

We stayed at a family-run accommodation in Novy Smokevec during our time at High Tatras. On the first day, Y and I took the cable car to the second highest peak in High Tatras and hung out in that area. At the end of the first day when we were planning what to for the next day, we saw pictures of a cave at High Tatras and we thought we could go there on the next day.

We decided to ask the hotel receptionist how to get to the cave. The hotel receptionist told us how to get there and she decided to go one step further and she reccomended a hiking route from the cave to a beautiful lake- Zelene Pleso. She laid out a map of the High Tatras on the floor and started tracing her recommended route for us. We thought it was a good idea and decided to take her advice. The hotel receptionist then went to the computer and started to check the bus schedule to the cave for us.

To our disappointment, she found out that the cave was closed on the next day. She said, “Okay, so now plan B.” She then laid out the same map on the floor and told us of a new route to see Zelene Pleso and proceeded to check the bus schedule to get there and back for us. She then wrote down some of the bus timings for us on a piece of paper.

Y and I didn’t do much research before we came to High Tatras and we were not sure what we wanted to see. So we were pleasantly surprised by how the enthusiastic lady just planned the day for us. Sometimes I think that everything happens for a reason and we meet the right people at the right place for a reason. 🙂


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