#70 the bus driver in Poprad

Y and I wanted to visit Slovak Paradise National Park from Poprad. Based on what we read online, the best way there is to take a bus to a small village and walked 3 km along the road to the start of the hike. So we followed the advice and took a bus from Poprad. In this part of Slovakia, you have to pay the driver directly when you get onto the bus. When we got onto the bus, we told the driver the bus stop that we would be getting off. He asked, “Are you going to Slovak Paradise?” We said yes and he nodded knowingly.

We tracked the location of bus using the GPS on our phones as we wanted to be sure not to miss the stop. Based on our GPS, we have to get off at the next stop and we were all ready to press the bell. All of a sudden, the bus driver stopped the bus at the T-junction, walked over to us and told us to get off there and that we had to walk down this path to get to Slovak Paradise. Because he dropped us at the intersection, that saved us about 2 km of walking along the road.

I think we were lucky to be on the receiving end of so much kindness from strangers on this trip. When was the last time you went the extra mile for a stranger?


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