#68 of the free desserts in Chania

A and I stayed in Chania for 3 nights. On the first night, we went to a nearby restaurant by the beach front and ate nice seafood and drink local wine. When we called for the bill, the waiter brought the bill over together with a complimentary bottle of raki and a chocolate cake. We were very delighted by the pleasant surprise.

So on the last day, we went back to the same restaurant. This time, it was a different waiter who was serving us. When we asked for the bill, he came over with the bill and a bottle of raki. We were midly disappointed- where are our free desserts?

It’s funny how quickly we get used to the feeling of entitlement. The bottle of raki and desserts are extra things that we probably would not even pay for in another restaurant. So the marginal benefits that we derive from them are not too much. However, when we begin to expect them and when reality fails our expectations, we feel disappointed.

Happiness is a state of mind. So perhaps it’s about lowering expectations and not expecting reality to be a wonderland full of only surprises and good things.


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