#62 of a music therapist in Athens

I did a free walking tour (~4 h) in Athens along with 8 other people. Our guide, Ariadne, took us around the city and introduced the various monuments and their historical significance very patiently to us. She also explained why the changing of guards in Athens is so peculiar.

She also told us a little bit of things about herself. She said that she is a music therapist by training. Before the crisis happened, she used to charge 70 % of her customers and do 30 % pro bono work. Right now, the ratio has changed dramatically. She does 80 % pro bono work and 20 % paid work as a music therapist. She said it was impossible to survive on that money but the music therapists love their job. So what do they do? They rent out a part of their workplace as an Airbnb apartment. They change the working hours so now they work as music therapists in the afternoons and several of them work as city guides in the morning, hoping to get some tips from the tourists. She said the Greeks are reinventing their jobs in order to survive in this economy crisis.

I feel quite sad for her because she has lived through better times and she has to adjust her lifestyle and make compromises in order to get by in this economy crisis. It is different when life is harder at the beginning and things get better. I wonder if I will be able to adjust quickly and appropriately if the time comes. But I guess this is a young adult perspective. I see things more like as a linear process with levels that I need to pass in order to proceed to the next level. But life is not a linear process. Sometimes circumstances change, sometimes things get better and sometimes things get worser. I just got to live through it and trust that things will get better eventually. Sometimes you make mistake, sometimes other people make mistakes and you end up having to pay for it. I just got to learn to stay calm and take life as it comes.


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