#61 of a bus conductor on Crete

I was travelling with A from Herkalion to Chania on Crete, the largest Greek island. We took a local bus and from time to time, a bus conductor would hop onto the bus and check our tickets. A young female bus conductor, in her early twenties, sat beside A and had a conversation with her.

The bus conductor said that she was doing two jobs. In the day, she checks tickets and announced stops and in the evening, she works as a babysitter. At night, she studies for a Master’s degree because she believes her life will be better with a Master’s degree. She told us that she wants to go to Singapore one day because Singapore sounds like a place with many jobs.

When I heard her story, I thought that she is a hardworking and resilient person who tries her best to make things work out. The situation in Greece is quite terrible and young adults are earning on average 400 euros a month and we are only talking about the young people who have jobs. Youth unemployment rate remains very high in this country. I wonder, are Singaporean young adults tough enough in times of crisis? Will we reinvent jobs to survive or will we just sit around and complain?


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