#60 to my dearest friend

To my dearest friend,

I write this letter to you because I miss you. I have just completed the last phase of my formal training and professionally, I am about to move onto the next stage of my career. I wish you could be here to witness my transition to the next stage. I have experienced a whirlpool of emotions in the first 5 months of the year and I wish you could be here to share my joy, frustration, little triumphs and defeats. I can imagine your reaction when I share funny stories with you. I wish you were here. 

Sometimes I re-read the letters you wrote to me and I wonder if these are all the letters that you have written to me. I wonder if I have misplaced some of your letters. I must have misplaced them; there must be more written communication between us. And I begin to hate the postal service, damn how could they lose the letter that you wrote to me 5 years ago? My favourite letter is the one you wrote to me before I left for London. You said “you, as usual, will be outstanding and have an out-of-the-world experience.” Babe, how can I be outstanding and have out-of-the-world experience without you around? Now I just feel so mediocre. I do mediocre things and say mediocre things and I find it hard to feel awesome about myself. How can I be outstanding if I can’t even reach you? I am not to blame, you are not to blame too but what this means is that I am not special anymore. Without your affirmation, I am just another mediocre being. I know you will still want me to lead a splendid life boldly. So that’s what I will do because I want to try to be the person whom you like. It will be hard to move forward but I will try to smile, laugh and go on adventures.

Thanks for all those amazing years and amazing times. You make me more than what I should be. Thanks for supporting me and loving me. You’ll be with me, like a handprint on my heart.

You, who are always there for me, will always be there for me.


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