#57 I was happy once. But I was young.

“I was happy once. But I was young. The older you get, the more you remember. The younger you are, the more you forget.” – Haresh Sharma, Those who can’t, teach.

Does happiness become more elusive the older you get? Sometimes people behave in a very toxic way towards one another – setting unrealistic expectations, backstabbing and giving demeaning comments. I wish I am able to insulate my heart from this toxic micro-environment but sometimes it is rather difficult. In times like this, I remind myself of this quote. Maybe happiness has nothing to do with what happens to you. Maybe being happy and being contented with your share of life has something to do with the ability to forget things that you should forget. Some people hurt you intentionally and unintentionally and you can’t change the people and how they behave. Maybe it is best to forget, to live and let live and to move on. I don’t know if it’s possible at all but I don’t want happiness to be only written during my younger days. I want to stay happy no matter how old I get.

After all, life itself is a gift and no one can change the way you perceive your own self-worth, purpose and meaning of life. I need to stay grateful simply because I am still alive and I am still privileged enough to enjoy so many things that this beautiful world can offer. I need to learn to forget the bad things, the bad words and the bad vibes and focus on things that keep me happy and positive. Some famous people who are rather successful in life were told that “they were not meant for this” by some naysayer when they were younger. But look what would happen if they didn’t persist? Look where they have done with their lives from that point in time? Nobody remembers the naysayer but people remember these famous people for their contributions. Don’t give up simply because someone else told you to do so. Don’t give up simply because someone else told you that you can’t. Don’t give up because you simply burnt out and lost the drive too. Give up only when it has lost the meaning to you. Give up only when you want to do something else in life. Give up only when you want to and not when someone asks you to.


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