#55 Australian woman, Italian town

I stayed in a hostel in Riomaggiore, Italy. One day after a long day of hiking when I returned to my hostel room, I saw a newcomer in the room. She was an old Australian lady who was around 60 years old. I greeted her, “Ciao!”

It is funny how tourists greet one another in Italian in Italy just because we are in Italy. I guess that makes us feel like we are respecting the Italian language and the Italian culture.

She said, “Hello!”

I thought to myself that she must have just arrived in Italy not long ago. We started having a conversation and she told me about the places that she have been on this trip. She said that her daughter, who was kayaking in the waters of Riomaggiore while we were having the conversation, wanted to do a grand trip in Europe. Her daughter has been travelling on her own in Europe for 4 months before she joined her. Before reaching Riomaggiore, they have been travelling in Europe together for about 2 months.

She said, “My husband passed away last year and so my daughter, who is my only child, wanted to go somewhere with me to cheer me up. So far it has been a really good trip, I love the parties on the remote Greek islands. Couch-surfing on a Greek island was the most interesting experience I have so far on this trip; it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

People travel for different reasons but people are always seeking for something when they travel. Some people are looking for the thrills to enrich their lives while some others are seeking for solace to comfort themselves. What are you looking for when you travel?


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