#50 chingay tickets

My dad has a pair of extra tickets for Chingay Parade 2017. He tried to ask around among his siblings, friends and co-workers but no one wanted the pair of tickets. So in the end, we decided to head to Millenia Walk, which has the nearest carpark to the Chingay venue, and give the tickets away to random tourists. We thought that tourists may be interested in the show. After all, it is a rather elaborate showcase of different cultures in Singapore and in Asia itself.

As we walked towards the cross-junction, we saw three Caucasians who looked rather confused by the sheer number of people in the vicinity and we thought that they could be tourists. I thought it would be better to just look for a pair of tourists and give them the tickets. But my dad thought that we could just give it to them and let them settle the tickets among themselves. So I walked up to them and said, “Hey, will you be interested in a parade that is going on here tonight? It is a showcase of different cultures. We have an extra pair of tickets for the parade tonight.”

The guy in the group quickly replied, “Of course! And how much will that be?”

I said, “Oh, it’s free! Please take them!”


Sometimes life can happen very quickly and you have to make quick decisions. Sometimes what guides the decision-making process is really the heart. At that point in time, I just thought it would be something nice for them to remember about this trip in Singapore. When they return to their home country, they can tell their family and friends that when they were travelling in Singapore, they met a pair of father and daughter who handed them a pair of free tickets for a performance. As for us, we were happy when we happened to see them seated among the crowd and they seem to be enjoying the performance.

I still believe that the best moments in life don’t have to involve cost-benefit analysis.

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