#43 words

“But we just smiled cause sometimes words aren’t the right words to say” – Passenger, Words

I love writing. Writing allows me to express my emotions, share my opinions and describe things that have happened in my life. I love that little sense of accomplishment when I managed to string and organize random thoughts using sentences. I love that feeling when I look at two sentences and I know that I need an additional sentence in between them to make my writing more coherent. Above all, I love that feeling when I feel that my writing allows other people to understand me better.

Words are my allies as they help me to express myself. But at the same time, words are my foes. Sometimes when I use words to express myself, I inadvertently hurt others – especially the people whom I care about. Sometimes people whom I care about hurt me with their choice of words as well. I know that in the heat of the moment, we may have said something that we did not mean. But I know that words don’t form by themselves. And if so, perhaps the heat of the moment was just an opportunity for us to say some things that we would otherwise have not said to one another but those things have always existed in our relationships. I have come to realize that it is way easier to use words to hurt people than to heal people.

I wrote and said a lot of things to you. I imagined the things that you would need and/ or want to hear and I furiously wrote them down in words. I know my words have reached you but the question remains: were those words necessary and right for the context? Perhaps sometimes words aren’t the right words to say.

I still have a lot of learning to do in order to become a better and more mature human being. I am still a work in progress.

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