#41 the party 

It was our last night together in Helsinki so we wanted to make it a blast. Moments after we stepped into Y’s place, we changed the clothes from the not-so-attractive, over-sized, warm, Lapland-appropriate winter clothes to the more attractive ones. We put on some make-up and perfume to prepare ourselves for “the party” even though we did not even know if there was a party at all that night. We laughed at how vain one another was and how ready we were for the party.

We left Y’s place, laughing, feeling happy and attractive again. Then it started snowing heavily. And that was when we realized that we were under-dressed. Where were the scarves and the gloves? But we laughed all the same, hopeful that laughter could make us feel warm again.

When we got to the city, none of us were on the lookout for a party. Instead, we walked around, laughing, and in the end, we went to a quiet hotel bar, drank some mulled wine and enjoyed one another’s company.

It’s the journey that matters, not the destination. Make the journey count. Stay happy and enjoy the ride. 🙂



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