#33 regardless of race, language and religion

I am beginning to lose hope in humanity. As I write this post, I wonder if there will be any repercussions for writing this. But isn’t freedom of speech and freedom of thought a human right? When we look at other countries (e.g. Myanmar), we critisize the government for subjugating the people. But isn’t this self-check and self-censorship a form of subjugation as well? A form of subjugation that goes unseen but equally powerful.

That is beside the point. What I want to say is in this increasingly flat world, I don’t know if the ideal of “regardless of race, language and religion” can still be fulfilled. Can we be colour blind? Can we be more than just a battle between “us” and “them”? I used to think that we can do that. I try my best to respect and embrace differences in cultures and beliefs in a non-judgemental way. Isn’t diversity awesome and exciting? Won’t the world be incredibly boring if everyone looks the same, thinks in the same way and speaks in the same language?  Isn’t that the biggest drive to travel which is to see and appreciate people and places that are very different from where you came from and be humbled through that process?

I used to think that only a small number of people are racist and they categorise other people before finding out who they are (if they even bother to find out). But lately, I am beginning to think that the silent majority is quietly racist. And this silent majority is a scary group because their actions support racism but they would never have the courage to admit that they are racist. Maybe they even critisize racist people on the Internet but their actions vote for racism.

Even though we are taught history in schools and we learn that Adolf Hitler was a villian in WWII, the collective actions that people choose to take seem to support the world that Hitler envisioned. Hitler saw a world made up of superior and inferior people, first-class and second-class citizens and he chose to exterminate the latter group. Today countries deport and repatriate people. Our next generation is watching the choices we have made collectively and judging us for the choices.

Maybe the ideal of “regardless of race, language and religion” is not something that everyone wants. It is just vocalised because it sounds noble and good to be inclusive. Maybe deep down, people feel that they are more entitled to things as compared to other people because of their race, their language and their religion.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can.” – Martin Luther King

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