#30 sinking into quicksand

In my dream, I saw us walking side by side as we chatted about our shared past and about where we could possibly be in the future. Then, your one step changed the course of our walk. You stepped into quicksand and you sank fast into it.

Instinctively, I put my hands forward and grabbed your hand. You seemed to be calling for help but I could not hear you. All I could hear was a voice in my head that screamed, “How on earth did you walk into quicksand and I did not? Why didn’t I look ahead and see the quicksand ahead of your path? Why did we choose to walk in this area?” You sank more quickly into the quicksand and I tightened my grip on your hand. My right foot slided forward and it slipped into the quicksand. I quickly shifted my weight to my left foot that was still on solid ground. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I could be sinking into quicksand too.

At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was trying to save you or I was going down with you. Either way, letting go of you was not an option. I tightened my grip on your hand and smiled at you as we waited for help. Help was on the way, I could hear the footsteps.

For now, I just need to hold tightly onto you and I need to try not to fall into the quicksand as well. If I fall into the quicksand, we won’t hold out long enough until help arrives.

And I pray for more strength and more hope. We will get out of this quicksand.


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