#1: little lights shining in the dark

I decided to start a new series of posts and I shall name the series “one minute inspirational post”. I was motivated to do so because sometimes life gets me down and I need to find meaning in life to keep me going. I believe that everything happens for a reason and sometimes when we are focused on the specifics, we fail to see how things all come together in the big picture. Sometimes all I need is snippets of life experiences that remind me to keep believing. This will be a collection of short stories, or sometimes conversations, from my own life experience that I find meaningful. I hope that it will provide some kind of comfort/ inspiration for the readers too.

We were in Batam, enjoying a seafood dinner on a kelong. We were the only customers eating there at that point. The sun was slowly making its descent and naturally, we took out our smart phones and tried to capture the sunset in its full glory. We struggled to take a “good shot” because of the shipyard and the lights from the shipyard.

S: If only the shipyard is not there. The shipyard is blocking the sunset!

Me: Yes, when I was in Riomaggiore, I saw the sun setting into the sea and that was so beautiful. Quite a shame we can’t see it here because of the shipyard. Why did they have to build a shipyard here?

After the sun has set, we excitedly ate our crabs with our hands and commented on how cheap and fresh the seafood was here in Batam. To our surprise, the lights above us suddenly went out and it became pitch-dark. As our hands were dirty at this point, neither of us could use our phone to illuminate the area. Somehow we didn’t freak out and we continued to try to eat the crabs with our bare hands.

Me: Thank God for the shipyard. If not the the lights from the shipyard, it would have been completely dark. The lights from the shipyard make things less scary.

S: Ya, and to think that a moment ago, we were still complaining about why it was there!


Sometimes something that seems wrong and out of place is there for a right reason. But you just need to be patient and wait for the circumstances to change in order to for it reveal its purpose. So stay calm and keep believing. As Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ❤

Batam, Indonesia


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