“The trouble with living in the moment is that the moment passes. Impulse and spontaneity take no account of the longer term, of responsibilities and obligations, debts to be paid, promises to fulfill.” – Us, David Nicholls

I have been thinking of this lately, young people these days treat YOLO (you only live once) as a synonym for living in the moment. YOLO implies living in the moment and enjoying it with disregard for anything in the long term. But I think YOLO is a really serious concept, the idea that you only live once means that you should be serious about the idea of living. Perhaps I am an all-too-serious 24 year old, I have never lived in the moment without any disregard for my responsibilities and obligations. Well, that does not mean to say that I have never lived in the moment (I did that many, many times) but it is just that I did so, knowing that whatever I am doing is not going to compromise any of my long-term goals.

I am about to head back home and enter the workforce and because YOLO, I want to make a little guide for myself so that I get to lead the life that I want to. It is more like a collection of philosophical sentences that I think will motivate me when the going gets tough and confusing. I am excited to finally get started with life and making a contribution to the world instead of just living with all the promises. However, at the same time, I am nervous too. I am nervous that I cannot cope with the fierce, angry Singaporeans who make a mountain out of molehill, I am nervous that work might change me into someone that I don’t like, i.e. the unhappy, reluctant worker. So here it goes:

  1. If you dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.
  2. Continue to challenge yourself, that’s the way to keep learning.
  3. Think long and hard before you act.
  4. Always give your best shot and that is the best that you can do, don’t worry if that is not good enough for other people
  5. What does not kill you make you stronger.
  6. Remember that every moment, good or bad, will pass. Don’t let it consume you.
  7. Strangers are only strange because you haven’t got to know them yet.
  8. Don’t be afraid of your own ignorance. You just don’t know yet.
  9. Try to moderate everything; too much might kill the joy.
  10. Love, love, love.

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