faces and places (Oct – Dec ’14)

I love to write long blog posts about places but the problem right now is that I realized that I have a huge backlog of things to write about and some details have already faded away in my mind. So I am going to start a little, new project about the people and places that I really want to remember. I’ll start from the month that I got to London and I really hope that I can keep this up for a long time. It will be really interesting to see how my life will evolve over time and how different people enter into my life at different points.


That was the day that I got to London and it was also the day when I reunited with Laia. 🙂 We haven’t seen each other for slightly more than 2 years! I remember we walked from Traflagar Square to Buckingham Palace and back to the National Gallery. It was a nice and sunny day with an amazing friend, a great start to the new chapter of my life.



That was the first time that I saw the Big Ben and it was also the day when I met up with my brother again after saying goodbye at Heathrow Airport. It was so nice to do some tourism around Westminster with him and to hear about his adventures and misadventures over the past few days in London. We spoke about things that we wanted to do and the friends that we wanted to make. Looking back at it again, it is funny how we didn’t exactly do what we wanted to do but we both had our fair share of fun as well. I wish I had met up more with him over the past year but I guess it is what it is. Can’t wait to see him again. 🙂



My brother, his friend, Wei Lun, and I went on a trip organised by “Weekend Trip” to Salisbury and Stonehenge. I remember it was a rather cold and windy day and I remember looking at the stones and wondering whether scholars have over-read the intentions of the people who laid the stones.



Lee Abbey London organized a trip to Greenwich and it was back in the days when people wanted to know and hang out with the people whom they lived with. It was a really nice day, I remember the nice cruise from Embankment to Greenwich, the beautiful buildings and the very delicious pie and mash. Here’s a happy picture with Aneke and Demetris!



I went for Lord Mayor Show with Laia and Adriana, it was really fun and entertaining to take pictures with/ of the people (and horses!) in the parade. We watched the show for slightly more than an hour and then we went to grab lunch before watching the Phantom of the Opera. Because of the show, the roads were closed and it was really nice to walk in the middle of the roads in London. Phantom of the Opera is definitely my favourite musical, I really love it. After the musical, we went to the riverside and watched the fireworks. I can’t ask for a day better than this. 🙂



I made a weekend trip to visit Laia in Hull. She showed me around Hull and we even made a trip to York. Even though the weather was not good, the Christmas markets in York were really beautiful. I remember the very delicious Spanish omelette that she made, the funny night out (the girls were still wearing summer clothes in November!) and of course the very memorable comedy night. British humour is something that I still do not quite understand…



Eva came to London for a visit just before Christmas and I was super happy to see her again! 🙂 She arrived really late because of the flight delay and I remember Demetris was really worried that night that I would not wake up in time to fetch her. I must confess it was really difficult to stay awake that night and I kept dozing off so I was glad that he was around. On the next day, Eva and I took a walk to Holland Park and Notting Hill and I remember we had quite serious conversations about the role of religion in life.  I wish we had a better picture together!



My year ended in a great way because my parents came over for a visit and we spent Christmas and New Year together. 🙂 I remember Christmas Day very well because everything was closed and we walked a long way from Shoreditch to St Paul for the Christmas service (there was not too many things to do on Christmas…). We also went for the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which was a big amusement park. Even though it was very cold and crowded, we had a really great time! We visited Liverpool as well because my dad is a big fan of the football team and  I remember we got really excited and happy when saw snow on the train ride to Liverpool. #growingupinatropicalcountry ❤


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