Hiking in England

England is full of great hikes, I am quite happy that I made time for the outdoors! I’ll write briefly about each place 🙂 I visited Lake District in January with the Fellwanderers (a society of Imperial College) and we drove 7 hours from Imperial College to a small cottage in Lake District on a Friday evening. We went up Skiddaw (931 m) and it was really tiring. We had to walk on snow (which I am really not good at) and it was foggy and windy. I remember I had to keep my knees bent when we were near the summit so that I would not be blown away by the wind. It was a tough hike but the scenery was magnificent; I was glad to return home in one piece. It took us 8 h to complete the hike 🙂 Difficulty: 8/10 (hiking shoes and map recommended)

Lake District, England

Lake District, England

One Saturday in March when the weather was good, I went to Seven Sisters on my own for the day. I took the train to Brighton and a bus to Seven Sisters Country Park. The cliffs were easy to access to and there were many cute sheep along the way. Personally, Seven Sisters hold a very special place in my heart, I remember seeing pictures of Seven Sisters in my Geography textbook when I was in Secondary School. I thought it would be so nice to see it in person one day and there I was, sitting by the edge of the cliff, enjoying my lunch and taking in the views. 🙂 I walked around 3-4 h there. Difficulty: 3/10 (no chance of getting lost, terrain not tricky at all, I wore my Converse shoes there.)

Seven Sisters, England

Seven Sisters, England

One Sunday in March, I went to Cheddar Gorge with the student organization “Weekend Trip”. There was a coach that took us from Euston, London to Cheddar Gorge in around 2 h one way. I wouldn’t consider Cheddar Gorge a hike because all we did there was to visit 2 beautiful caves (with audio guides) and climbed a hill to get a nice view of the surroundings. The caves are stunning and apparently Cheddar cheese were fermented in these caves. I cannot imagine how the first explorer felt when he saw these marvelous nature-made sculptures. It is very easy to get from one place to another, I will recommend this as a family activity. Difficulty: 1/10

Cheddar Gorge, England

Cheddar Gorge, England

I went with Amandas to Kinder Scout one Saturday in May. We took the morning train from St Pancras, London to Edale. Similar to Seven Sisters, there were many animals here and we had a lot of fun taking photos with the sheep, the cows and the roosters. 🙂 We walked for 5-6 h and I must say that the walk was really enjoyable except for the fence that we couldn’t seem to open (I had to climb over, thank goodness it didn’t break while I was going over). The Peak District seems more agricultural than the Lake District which looks more like a weekend getaway resort of sorts. I remember the ground was black and soft on the mountains (why is that so?) and I remember we took a while to figure out how to go down from there. I wonder why there are so many rocks on the mountains…Like every mountain, it is easier to go up than to go down. Difficulty: 7/10 (good shoes and a good sense of direction recommended)


Kinder Scout, England

One weekend in June, I went with several of my classmates (Yixin, Chenxue and Runzhong) to the Jurassic Coast. We took the train from Waterloo, London to Wool and shared a taxi to Durdle Door. The weather was fantastic for hiking, we walked along the coast and saw many beautiful sights. 🙂 I remember us chilling on the beach at Durdle Door, sitting on the edge of the cliff (yes, I enjoy doing that) of the Jurassic Coast and I remember how the wind made waves on the grass. We enjoyed a really nice ice-cream in a farm at the end of the hike and that was a pretty nice way to end the hike. We didn’t know that the bus service to Exeter ends pretty early (before 4pm) so we had to take the bus to Weymouth and another bus to Axminster and a train from Axminster to Exeter. Life will be so much easier if we managed to get the direct bus to Exeter but oh well, that is life. 🙂 We spent the night at an Airbnb in Topsham, it was nice to cook and eat together. Difficulty: 6.5/10 (good walking shoes and moderate fitness will do)


Durdle Door, England

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