Uradome Coast

I decided to spend my second day in Tottori exploring the Uradome coastline so I took a local train from Tottori station to Iwami station. One can tell how small Tottori is from its train station – train tickets were manually checked by staff! The train ride was quite gorgeous, the train took me through areas with agricultural plains surrounded by mountains. With the help of Google Map, I reached the Uradome beach in around 30 minutes. The beach is quite big and clean but strangely, the sand has a black taint to it. I watched a handful of local children playing on the beach and I wondered how shocked they would be when they see Tokyo.

From Uradome beach, I took a stroll along the coastline and enjoyed the sights. Uradome coastline seems pretty touristy, however it seems to be catered for local tourists who explore the area on car. It will be rather strenuous to attempt to see all the “highlights” of Uradome coastline on foot. Furthermore, to get to the “highlights”, a hiker needs to go against his/ her own intuition at some point.  Going with my intuition, I thought I would see the most of the coastline if I just walked along the coast. For odd reasons, I seemingly hit a dead end after some walking – the little hills just do not connect with one another. Apparently, at one point, I realized I was supposed to go up a hill along the road away from the coastline in order to hike to the “highlights”.  In the end, I decided not to get to the “highlights” and instead I ventured up and down those hills that do not connect with one another and enjoyed the views. Uradome coastline is quite gorgeous, I love to see the cliffs covered with little flowers and grass, to see the vast sea with no ships on it and to hear the roars of the waves as they assault the cliffs.


Uradome Coast, Tottori

Around noon, I found a small piece of paradise nestled between a fishing village and the Uradome Beach. I lay on the rocks, read a book and enjoyed the views for about an hour. I love how the water has different colours. Japan has really surprised me. 🙂 After that, I ate sushi at a local supermarket while watching a Japanese period drama. With this, I was ready to head back to Kyoto on yet another highway bus.


Uradome Coast, Tottori


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