Coron, Palawan (Day 4)

The fourth day in Coron was probably the most relaxing day we had there. After a few days of climbing hills, snorkeling, swimming and walking under the hot sun at the safari, we spent the last day in Coron reading books and eating on the beaches.

Our first stop was the Bulog Sandbar. This was the first time I saw a sandbar since Singapore is rather poorly endowed with geographical features. This sandbar is located between two islands. Apparently, it is because waves slow down in this region between the two islands (therefore allowing sand to be deposited) that results in the formation of the sandbar. We waded from an adjacent beach to the sandbar, sat on the sand and enjoyed the views of the sea and islands. It was a pretty amazing feeling, we sat on the sand in the middle of the sea, attempted to form sand castle on our hands and sang songs. The best part was that there was we didn’t have to share the place with other people. Life is good. 🙂


Bulog Sandbar, Coron

Our second stop was Malcapuya Island, supposedly the most famous beach in the Coron Bay. We know Malcapuya Island is famous because the entrance fee for this beach was 200 pesos as compared to 100 pesos for other beaches. But that is still really cheap for such a wonderful place. What I like most about this beach is that even though it is quite famous, it is not too touristy. No one sells souvenirs, offers massaging services or even sell food there. People bring their own food and eat them in tents that are draped with fabric. To borrow a phrase from a friend, Malcapuya Island is indeed “heaven on earth”. Lovely clean beach with white sand, palm trees and very clear waters, what else could you have asked from a great beach vacation? We ate crabs among other seafood for lunch (prepared by our lovely guide Jun) and after that, we read books while sitting on the plastic chairs or lying on the hammocks. When the sun got too hot for us, we went to the sea and swam for a bit. We spent a couple of hours on this beach and life is so good.


Malcapuya Island, Coron


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