Coron, Palawan (Day 2)

The second day in Coron was a day of snorkeling and swimming. I have never tried snorkeling prior to this trip so I didn’t really know what to expect from snorkeling. I used to think that it was about the same experience as putting my head into a fish tank. In the end, it turned out to be more enjoyable than I have imagined. I like the experience of feeding fishes underwater, how the different schools of fishes swim quickly towards me from many different directions. The feeling when a very large school of small fishes swim past me is really surreal and unbelievable. Of course, the corals of different shapes and colours, gently swaying from one side to another, are also a joy to watch.

Our boat made a total of 5 stops that day and we spent an average of 1-2 hours at each location – Siete Pecados (snorkel), Kayangan Lake (swim), Beach 91 (lunch), Lusong Gunboat (snorkel) and Coral Garden (snorkel). What I really like about Coron is that it does not have so many tourists so we only have to share the place with very few people. We even had the whole Coral Garden for ourselves. Snorkeling at the Coral Garden was a magical experience because the tide was very, very low and we could see the colourful corals very clearly at snorkeling depth. Because the tide was so low when we were there, we had to swim carefully at some parts so as to avoid hitting the corals. There were many sea urchins in that area too so it was quite an adventure to snorkel. Even so, almost everyone snorkeled at least two rounds because it was too beautiful. In the end, we did not really succeed to avoid the corals and all of us left the Coral Garden with some wounds, stings and abrasions. After we were done with snorkeling, we lazed on the boat for a while and enjoyed the view above the water. 🙂


Coral Garden, Coron

Kayangan Lake is probably the most famous tourist spot in Coron so we were quite excited to swim in that famous lake. It was quite a rugged experience to get there, I remember we had to wade through muddy waters, hike up and down a hill. Additionally, the steps for climbing the hill were of uneven heights and wet so we had to be quite careful to avoid any accidents. This is the gorgeous view of the lake from the top of the hill:


Kayangan Lake, Coron

What I find truly special about Kayangan Lake is the very small cave in one of the limestone islands there. Our local guide, Jun, led us into a very small cave. The approach towards the centre of the cave was almost completely dark at some point so it was quite frightening. But when we finally got to the centre of the cave, we saw a skylight which coloured a small area of water turquoise. It was really a surreal experience. I will surely remember this feeling of finally seeing the beautiful light after experiencing darkness for a very long time.

For lunch, we stopped at a small beach and ate seafood which was prepared by our guide. We did the same for the next two days as well. It is interesting how we had to pay a nominal entrance fee (~100 pesos) for each of the sites that we visited. I wonder why some people have the right to stake claim over beaches, corals and shipwrecks. There were several flies which persistently hovered over our food but that certainly did not stop us from enjoying the fresh seafood and the magnificent views.



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