Singapore in bloom

We had a dry spell in Singapore for the first 3 months of 2014. Initially, everyone was happy that we didn’t need the umbrellas when we visited relatives’ houses during Chinese New Year. But, after a while, it got hot and later unbearably hot. Some people spoke about the possibility of water rationing.Thankfully, some time in April, the rain came and in the later part of April, something beautiful happened in Singapore. The roadside trees, especially the trumpet trees, were all in bloom and it was simply gorgeous even though the “sakura” only lasted for a fortnight. It was a delight to travel around Singapore at that time 🙂 Apparently, something like this only happens after a prolonged dry spell. I saw many different trees in bloom during that time and I took some photos of them. Which is your favourite?

Faculty of Engineering, NUS


Pang Sua Connector – my running route. It was a great feeling running while the wind swept the flowers off the trees. 🙂


DSC_1351 DSC_1347

New Town Secondary School – even the trees in public schools are in bloom!



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