Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake was arguably my parents’ favourite place in Taiwan. It was also a really relaxing visit because we did the touring slowly. 🙂  I really didn’t know that Sun Moon Lake was located right in the middle of Taiwan until a Taiwanese man showed us where we were on the Google Map while we were waiting for the sun to rise. It is also the largest body of water in Taiwan and it is located 748 m above sea level. Fascinating information!


Map of Taiwan

We got a pretty good accommodation at Sun Moon Lake – the lake-facing Lealea Garden Hotel. Well, technically we were staying in a separate wing so we didn’t get such a terrific view of the lake but we did enjoy a splendid breakfast right beside the lake. 🙂


Lealea Garden Hotel, Sun Moon Lake

There are several activities one could do at Sun Moon Lake apart from staring at the gorgeous lake. To begin with, the Aboriginal cuisine at Sun Moon Lake is fairly unique and it differs from pier to pier so it is definitely worth trying! On a side note, the local rice wine made in this area is fabulous. The less-adventurous could take the ferry to the 3 piers and explore the areas. There are so many ferries that it reminded me a little of Halong Bay and they kind of ruined the view a little. Undoubtedly, the sheer volume of tourists in the area ruined the tranquillity quite substantially.


Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Apparently, the green shrubs in the middle of this photo used to be part of a small island but the earthquake a couple of years back torn the island apart.

Apart from taking the ferry ride to tour the area, one could choose to cycle around the lake or just hike along the lake. I did some cycling last year at Sun Moon Lake with my friends so this time round, I decided to just take a slow walk beside the lake. The walkway was properly constructed so it was an easy, enjoyable walk. For me, Sun Moon Lake feels like an amusement park – the ferry ride to different “stops”, the “8 scenic spots of Sun Moon Lake”, the well-constructed walkway and the entire experience of feeling relaxed and safe. All in all, it didn’t manage to fulfil my inner adventurous spirit but it did make me feel more relaxed.


Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

I also revisited the Wen Wu Temple with my parents – not the most accessible place around the lake if you ask me. It is also a fairly new and fancy temple so it doesn’t really make one go “wow”. However,it was a strange feeling to take in the same sights with different companions. I could still hear the delighted voices when we managed to find an unobstructed view on the roof of a temple, the chatter about sighting a possible missile in the sky and the subsequent silence as we enjoyed the sunset.




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