Zurich was the extra city that I got to visit because of the air control strike in France. It was quite dramatic having to travel from Brussels to Chaleroi by bus then from Chaleroi to Barcelona by plane and later Barcelona to Zurich by plane in a day because of all the plane delays. In the end, I missed my connection flight back to Singapore from Zurich due to the delays and had an extra half a day to see Zurich.

Zurich main train station is pretty huge and impressive, there are over 60 tracks and there are connections to other parts of Europe, especially Germany. I remember having to run quite a considerable distance to the right track to catch the train to get back to the “der Flughafen” – possibly the first German word I learnt in my life. I find German pretty interesting because it’s so difficult to guess the meaning of the word because it doesn’t really share root words with Latin. I would really love to learn German properly and understand its structure.


Zürich Hauptbahnhof, Zürich

The Old Town of Zurich is built around Lake Zurich, which used to be a fishermen area, with the various attractions located on both sides of the lake. The water of the lake originates from River Linth and look at how clean and clear it is! I think this lake is a lot cleaner than Lake Geneva and Lake Thun. I would love to explore this part of Switzerland more thoroughly next time.


Limmat , Zurich

Most of the things to see in Zurich are conveniently located in the Old Town and they are properly marked out in the city map. I really like the different architectural styles next to one another in Zurich. In most European cities, usually there are different “zones” for different architecture. From the picture below, you see the Fraumünster Church in the middle with the clock face (Swiss people have been time-conscious since a very long time back!) and the green steeple. To the left, there is a building with gabled roof like those in Amsterdam and Bruges. To the right, there are buildings which are more typical of Swiss houses with the colourful windows. 


Clock Tower, Zurich

It was fairly early in the morning so there were not too many people walking around and I allowed myself to wander and get lost in the Old Town before orientating myself a while after. There were many small alleys with steep slops and I stumbled upon this rather picturesque and cute alley.


Old Town, Zurich


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