Costa Brava.

Costa Brava, the coastal region of northeastern Spain, consists of numerous fishing villages converted into holiday resorts. It is also listed as one of the “Top Travel Destinations” by National Geographic. One day, Eva took the car and, with the help of Tom Tom, drove me to two small towns in Costa Brava – Begur and Palamós. Her family was very kind because the night before, they had a huge discussion (in Catalan of course) as they had different opinions on which part of Costa Brava they wanted to show me. I really wish that I could communicate with Eva’s parents the next time I see them. Because of this, I signed up for a course on Spanish language which would commence this coming Tuesday. Hopefully it would prove useful when I visit them in the future. 🙂 The two towns are very small and they are mostly made up of houses and restaurants and they tend to get busy only in the summer when the local tourists flock to the beaches. I like the idea of going to somewhere close to nature (never mind if it’s the same place) every year for a week or two with my family and making it a part of the family tradition.

1. Begur

Begur is not exactly at the coast of Spain but from there, you can get a pretty good aerial view of the coast. Apparently, many Spaniards who struck gold in America came back to live in Begur so this town, historically (and even now), is largely made up of rich people. There is a castle and consequent of that, there are numerous towers lying in the midst of narrow Spanish alleys.


I like the narrow alleys in these small towns – I find them strangely charming. Maybe because we visited them during the off-peak period (it was still too cold for people to enjoy the beaches), it is a delightful experience to stroll down the relatively empty alleys.


2. Palamós

Palamós, originally a fishing village, is a small coastal town. To a large extent, the town itself looks similar to that of Begur. The real charm of Palamós is the coastline. I followed the walking trail in the direction of La Fosca and I got to walk up and down some cliffs by the Mediterranean Sea. It was a special experience. I love the blue sky and the colours of the Mediterranean Sea – so blue away from the coastline and so clear nearer to the coast. The fauna and flora were pretty special as well as there were many cactus courtesy to the dry climate in summer.


There is a huge beach in Palamós as well which makes this little town doubly special and the beach gets pretty crowded in summer. Like I mentioned earlier, it was still too cold to enjoy the sun on the beach when we were there. Eva certainly didn’t lie about the quality of the beaches in Catalonia!


I will be back, Costa Brava! 🙂


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