Life is full of beginnings and endings – some more significant than the others. I know that today is a significant one. Today is the last day of yet another semester but something feels different. Instead of rushing to get out of the campus and have fun, many of us chose to linger on campus and have small conversations with university friends. It’s a strange feeling – the bulk of my friends is graduating this semester so today actually marks the last day of the student phase of their lives. Along with some others, I still have one more year to go so today is, in fact, the day when a big group of people born in the same year in the same country finally part ways after sharing so many years of common experiences.

We prepared for and sat for those national examinations together, we were made to juggle between school work and crazy hours of co-curricular activities, we had to cope with a hell of work in the universities and we watched the number of mutual friends increasing steadily as the years go by. But these are all just preparatory work for what lies ahead in life. That is when life gets real. There are many diverse paths for us to choose from and each step we choose shapes our own unique life experience, we could, at our own pace, climb the corporate ladder, start a family, begin a start-up etc. That’s probably when friendships really get tested when people have different schedules and it becomes very difficult to meet. I hope that some of my friendships can withstand this test of time.

Thinking about this major beginning in our lives and the possibilities that come with it brings this line to my mind: “每一个开端都充满了憧憬 并且易于承诺 易于相信. ” – 席慕蓉

I really like this quote, it’s a lot more realistic and comforting than dreamy lines circulating around – beginnings often hold too many promises as we imagine the many possibilities associated with these beginnings and start to expect things to happen. People are bound to feel disappointed this way. I hope that my friends can pick something they like, expect less from it and find satisfaction in whatever they are doing. 🙂 And hopefully I can do that too when my time comes.


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