November in hongkong

Life has become so intense that it’s getting really difficult for me to find time to write in here. I actually made 3 trips to China in the month of November –  Xi’an, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. I love the Singapore passport for that, we can just cross the Hong Kong-China border without worrying about visas. I would write about those trips when I get back to Singapore I think. There is simply not enough time in hongkong.

1. Hong Kong Gay Pride Parade 2012 (10.11.12)


I decided to pop by the gay pride parade happening at Causeway Bay out of curiosity before going for the hotpot with Eva and some other people. It was quite an experience for me actually because I have never seen, not to mention be part of, a parade like this. In Singapore, people get arrested for going on strike so I grow up without seeing any form of mass movements/ protests/ demostrations. It was just very nice to see so many people standing up for what they believe in and joining the movement. Apparently, according to the organizers, the LGBT discrimination at the workplace is quite serious in Hongkong. The walk was quite long – from the Victoria Park at Causeway Bay to the garden at Central MTR. What struck me most was that while the photographers positioned on the overhead bridges took photos of the parade, the people who were participating in the parade took photos of the many photographers on the bridges. Where you are standing affects what you see.

2. Lion Rock Hike (11.11.12)


I went to climb the Lion Rock with Chrissy a German girl, Claus a Danish, Fredrika a Swedish girl and Erin an American. It was perhaps the most tiring hike that I have done in Hong Kong but the view from the top was very nice. It happened to be a day with blue sky so we were able to have a good view of Kowloon. It was quite funny that many hongkong people actually blasted music while they were hiking because I thought that people hike in hongkong because they want to escape from the noise pollution in the city.

3. Mongkok

mongkok cafe  mongkok1

I visited Mongkok 3 times with 3 different groups of people in November and they were 3 completely different experiences. Mongkok is a very interesting place, even though I have been in hongkong for 3 months, I still get lost in mongkok. Mongkok is a small area but it has a great variety of things: the jewellery shops for the rich, the upstair cafes for the students/ young people, the Ladies Street for the tourists, the Sai Yeung Choi Street South for the amateur musicians.

On the first occasion, I was with a local Kathy who brought me to her favourite hangout. The food was very nice, I love the binjals but when I attempted to find the place another day, I couldn’t seem to locate it. :/ And on the second time, I was with Lauri and we chanced upon an upstairs cafe called Dream Cafe just at the Ladies Market-Sai Yeung Choi Street intersection. It was a quiet cafe so we just sat there and had a nice chat and the food was very reasonably priced: waffles + coffee for HKD40 🙂 The third trip to Mongkok was the crazy one, I was with Jingying and because it was her last trip to Mongkok, we were determined to walk the whole of Mongkok in one night. So we went to compare the jewellery that Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang were selling, follow the police cars on Nathan Road, laugh at how we kept ending up at Soy Street and eat a lot of street food.  I still don’t  think that I know Mongkok actually after all these.

4. Tea Ceremony (28.11.12)

I went with Eva, Constanza, Line (a Danish girl) and Fredrika for a free tea ceremony at the Lock Cha Tea Shop in Hong Kong Park. As I told them after that, I felt so much more Asian after attending this tea ceremony. I didn’t know that making tea requires so much precision, I thought that I was in a lab demostration midway through the ceremony. Furthermore, drinking tea is quite an art by itself as well – the tea drinker is supposed to finish drinking the tea in 3 sips. The first sip is a small sip to test the temperature of the tea, the second sip should finish up around 3/4 of the tea in the tea cup and the third sip is to finish the remaining tea in the cup. There is also a very precise and somewhat awkward way of holding the cup as well. I’m quite surprised that I didnt know all these before the tea ceremony even though I am a Chinese. Modernisation is such a scary force.

I went to the Times Square at Causeway Bay with Eva after that and saw the crazy Lego decoration that they put in place for Christmas. It’s just so crazy because they apparently change the theme for the shopping mall every year.

causeway bay


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