Unos nacen con estrella y otros estrellados


I have been picking up spanish phrases from Constanza and one fine day in class, I decided I would learn spanish seriously from duolingo and from the spanish girls.  That sentence is a spanish idiom (my roommate has been feeding me with spanish idioms) and it means that some people are born with a star shining above them while others meet collisions everywhere they go. I realized that between the last time i wrote and now, i spent my everyday with the spanish girls. I really enjoy their company, i told them this as well, I like it that they are very emotionally open and they talk about their families and their close friends a lot so much so that i feel very comfortable talking about things that are close to my heart to them. They are excellent listeners and the conversations get really deep sometimes.  The best thing about them is that even though their english is not very good, they will make an effort to speak in english when they are with me and whenever they struggle to find the words to express themselves, deep inside I’m smiling to myself because i know how kind and considerate they are.:) This was one of the best weeks i have here in hongkong but it is also the week with the fewest photos; the best moments just simply can’t be photographed.

It’s also recently that I realized that I have already grown emotionally attached to Constanza. When I’m alone, sometimes I hear her voice in my mind and when I think of the stupid things we have talked about or ridiculous things that we have done together, i would giggle to myself.  It’s difficult to imagine how far apart we would be in 2 months’ time and it’s also painful for me to imagine just how sad that goodbye would be. When I went for summer programmes, the people whom I was close to are also living in Singapore so we could easily meet up and relive those shared moments. As for her, when she did her exchange, most of the people were from the eurozone so it was possible for them to meet up quite easily. I think I’m motivated partly to learn spanish because I’m seriously contemplating going to spain for the next summer to see her and Eva 🙂

1. wine and dine festival

I went for the wine and dine festival on friday night with the spanish girls and the nus guy Koon Tong.  There were many booths with wine from different countries. We had some wine but it was so crowded that it wasn’t really fun.

2. sushi + karaoke

I went with the spanish girls and the french girls (Cecile, Julie and Muriel) for sushi on Saturday. There’s a good sushi chain (sushi one) in hongkong that sells sushi at half price after 10pm. When we reached there around 9pm, there was already a queue outside the restaurant. The rest of them really like sushi but it was the first time my roommate ate sushi. I’m touched by how much she trusted me, when a plate of sushi arrived on our table, she would look at me and ask me to judge if the plate of sushi was too high level for her. We went to a nearby bar at Circle Tower for karaoke after that and Eva really enjoys singing!:)  We sang coldplay, westlife, shakira and abba’s songs and it’s interestingto see how people from different countries all know the same songs, globalization is just so powerful.

If someone were to ask me about hongkong, I would definitely think of that crazy taxi ride back to school at 3am. In hong kong, every taxi has a microphone for them to communicate with the other taxi drivers, it’s kind of like a PA system. That night, the taxi driver blasted spanish music and michael jackson’s songs and he handed eva the microphone. We sang and laughed, it was so bizarre, lovely and unreal. When we went past the other taxis, the taxi drivers would look strangely at our taxi. One of the passengers even gave us a thumbs-up. When we got off the taxi, we looked at the sky and there were so many stars, it was a rare sight in hk. So we continued to sing as we made our way back to our respective halls, look at the stars, look how they shine for youuuu

3. saikung hike!

See the mountain behind the tallest mountain in the picture? We walked all the way from there and this was just half way! I went hiking the day after the crazy karaoke session with Eva, Julie and Muriel. But the french girls felt tired and left early so they didn’t make it to this point. I was just walking with eva, we talked alot as we walked and I felt very comfortable with her. We spoke about our greatest fear in life, on why we gave up on our childhood dreams and settled for what we are doing now, our thoughts towards graduation. She has some very interesting theories about the hongkong culture, she thinks that hong kong people care for others in a masculine way whereas in spain, it is in a more feminine way. That is so true.

4. long meals!:)

One thing that I really enjoy in hong kong is the long breakfast that I have with Constanza every monday and wednesday. No matter how busy we are, we would eat for at least an hour and talk about random things. From time to time, we also have very long lunch and dinner as well. Some days we eat really good food (the pizza outlet at Saikung is our favourite) but on some other days, we eat crappy food. One day, we had this really nice conversation over a crappy dinner. She said maybe one day she would open a shop selling BBQ pork rice in Gran Canaria and she would call it “just put it in your mouth and eat it”. That is  what i always tell her when she asks me, “wendy, what’s this?” The ad for that would be a picture of the BBQ pork and a caption saying “so tell me, how was your day?” That’s what she always says to me at the end of the day when I see her in the room. I said that if I ever open a cafe in the future, I would call it “dont forget that what is supposed to come has not come yet” because this is a sentence that she loves. The ad would be captioned as “where you can forget about the stupid world” because she uses the word stupid all the time. We were very happy that night, I kept leading her in the wrong direction and she kept laughing. We sang fix you on the minibus and for the first time in a while, i laughed until my stomach ached:)

La vida nos Sonríe!


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