those crazy hongkong days.

I finally found some time to write in here, I looked at my last post about and wow, so much has happened ever since. Every week is packed with different activities, when I look back now, I can’t believe all those things are part of my life. Some things happened quite a while back, and when I think of them again, it’s interesting what I remember from those trips, memories are so interesting and hard to fathom 🙂

1. global geopark hike. (19.10)

That was quite an exciting and tiring day, we had to climb some rocks  and take a rocky, not-very-well-maintained footpath in order to get to the highest point. I really love it when I was up there, all I could hear was the sound of the crashing waves and the very strong wind. What I also remember from that trip was how my camera strap got stuck to a tree branch while I made my way down and I thought that I have lost my camera for good. When I retraced my footsteps and tried to find it, I couldn’t find it and I was already set on getting photos from the others through email. In the end, this french girl went back and tried to help me to find the camera. And because she went back again, I also climbed back up to try to look for it again and i found my camera tangling from a tree branch. That feeling of losing something and finding it back is just so nice.

That was the footpath that we took. It was quite a hike.

2. cheung chau (20.10)

I went with this group of Americans to an outlying island. What i remember best about this day was the beautiful sun set and the rocks that we conquered. We went into this dark, narrow and low cave. 7 of us were sharing one flash light so in the end, the people in front ended up walking in complete darkness. It was quite an adventure.

It was actually really scary to climb up here, there was a narrow strip of rocks that we had to climb on in order to get there,

my legs were wobbly by the time I got here. After the adventure in the cave, we chanced upon this place (we also had to climb some rocks in order to get there) and watched the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life. It was so beautiful that it seemed so unreal, the position of the mountains and the colours of the sun and the sky complement each other so well. 🙂

3. boat party (21.10)

These three things happened on back-to-back days, I was so tired by the time the boat party happened. It was really cheap, it cost me SGD10 for a day on the yacht with free lunch and drinks. What I remember best from the boat party was the water motorcycle. We decided to stop by one of the many beaches in Saikung and while we were playing dodgeball on the beach, two guys on their water motorcycles approached us and asked us if we wanted a joy ride. So a couple of us took turns and sat on the motorcyles. It went so fast and it was so bumpy that I thought that my glasses were going to drop into the water. It was definitely way scarier than a rollercoaster. After that when I went back to the boat, I couldn’t believe that I’ve done that. If I were given one more minute to think it through, I would have said no.

I spent the first half of the trip socializing and taking photos and in the afternoon, all I did was to sit at the front of the yacht and watched the numerous mountains and islands passed me by.

That is hkust with its own private jetty – it’s incredible how they just decided to build a university here.

4. stanley market (23.10)

One of the touristy sites in hk that I finally got about visiting. I had a honeymelon juice here in an outdoor cafe by the seaside and read a book, it was very relaxing. What struck me most was that there is a nearby beach (repulse bay) which is super touristy but the sand is grainy and disgusting – a far cry from the soft sand on the other less touristy beaches in hk that I have been to. hongkong is really more than what its touristy sites offer.

5. dragon back hike (28.10)

It was supposed to be the best urban hike in asia so we went there last sunday. The view was not bad, what I like most was the wind. When we were near the top, there were no trees or fences so we could feel the full impact of the wind. Like what my roommate said, it felt like we were surfing on the ground. What I also love about that hike was the conversations that we had. Half of the time, we were having language classes, Chen from China and I were teaching them chinese, my roommate was teaching us spanish and Jennifer from Boston was teaching us cantonese, it makes the climb so much more enjoyable, life’s good! The other half of the time, we were eavesdropping on conversations that people who were walking behind us were having and we discussed what we managed to catch from their conversations. The ending point of the hike was fabulous, we ended at this place called Big Wave Bay, the sand there was soft and light and the waves were huge!

I really like the feeling when the waves recede and drag the sand below my feet along with them, I don’t know if i’m describing it well enough, but I love standing on the beach. We agreed that there are activities for everyone here on this beach. There are the sunbathers, the surfers, the families building sand castles, the people fishing and the photography buffs taking photos of the beautiful waves.

6. halloween (31.10)

That was my first halloween experience. The days leading up to halloween were quite busy because we couldn’t decide on what to wear and we did not know where to buy the costumes in hong kong. In the end, Lauri and I got lazy and settled for something simple – he dressed up as a murderer and I dressed up as a ghost. Halloween seems to be an amateur costume parade to me. People dressed up differently and took many photos together.

Lauri, me and Henrik from Sweden at the pre-party place in the university. It was always nice to be with Henrik in crowded places, we wouldn’t get lost because he is so tall.

Thats Lan Kwai Fong on Halloween. It was very crowded, we had to walk slowly for about an hour in order to get to Lan Kwai Fong from where the taxi dropped us off.  When we finally got to Lan Kwai Fong, there was barely any room for us to stand. It was just crazy to think that so many people (expats + locals) actually bothered to spend time to dress up and go out on Halloween.

7. the wanch (1.11)

I went to support some exchange students’ (the bassist and the drummer) gig with Jennifer yesterday at a bar in Wanchai. The place was quite nice and it was very different from its sleazy neighbours. It was quite an experience for me because I have never listened to a band at a bar, let alone know the people who are playing. The sound quality was better than I expected and I really enjoyed the songs that they played.


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