those intense hongkong days.

WordPress hasn’t loading well on my computer, I’m glad that it finally works today. Life is getting pretty intense over here, I really like how everyday here is different.

1. Cat cafe.

I have finally found time to check out the cat cafe in Causeway Bay with Lauri. It was not the easiest place to find in Hongkong. It was located in a narrow building, which was easy to miss, in a very busy area. The cafe was quiet and it was very nice to walk around and touch the very adorable cats. This photo sums up how harmoniously the cats live with the owners/ customers in there 🙂

2. Wong tai sin temple

So many people have been telling me about how accurate the divination is at this temple so I decided to drop by the temple and ask about my future. Even though I am Chinese and I have been to quite a number of temples, this was the first time that I asked about my future in a temple. I didn’t know what to ask actually so I decided to ask about romance because, well, it was a safe topic. There was a whole row of fortune-tellers at the side of the temple. It’s kind of ironic how people have to first pick a fortune-teller before they can get their future read. The fortune-teller told me that I would meet a guy at the end of the year. Hmmmm. But what impressed me most was actually the degree of contrast in the temple. The temple was in the middle of a residential area and at the back of the temple, there was a very nice and quiet chinese garden.

3. shenzhen.

I went on a shopping trip to shenzhen and the socks, wallet, belts were so cheap. I hope that they could last though! After shopping, I went to this very nice people’s park with a beautiful rose garden. I actually like the park alot,  it’s not too fake (unlike the one in shanghai) with some weeds and trees overgrown here and there but it’s still well-maintained. I also tried a foot massage for the first time in my life. It was quite an experience, it felt good initially but towards the end, i got a little bored of it.

I wonder what kind of food this restaurant serves.

4. lamma island

It was a day of good hiking and good seafood. I went to the island with Lauri and Koon Tong. We lost our way and we had to rely on my horrendous cantonese to try to figure a way out of the residential area. It was a nice hike because Koon Tong knows a lot about rocks so he was feeding us with very interesting facts along the way. The best part of the hike was that there were drink stalls/ desserts stalls at the top of the steep slopes so we just tried everything that they offered – tofu pudding, bbq hotdog, honey water etc. The view at the top was breathtaking, i love the bays so much. I love that feeling when I feel so small against nature.

After the hike, we rewarded ourselves with very fresh seafood before heading over to Tsimshatsui for a movie. That was the view that we had while we ate our dinner.

5. redbull soapbox racing

It’s said to be a big thing in america but it’s the first time it made its way to hongkong. It’s supposed to be for amateur mechanics and drivers. I went to watch the racing with Henrik, Lex and Sonny an American girl. I didn’t see much because, as Henrik put it, I was too short. The venue was at Shatin so I thought there wouldn’t be too many people because it was so far away from the city. But the place was packed and we just followed the crowd and they walked underneath a flyover, down a slope (that was where i lost my footing and fell!) and up another slope. It was just insane, I can’t imagine singaporeans getting so crazy over this kind of things. well, maybe because it’s free. The view from that weird slope out of nowhere was quite spectacular as well.  After that, we walked up more steep slopes and visited this 1000 buddha temple. It was a quiet temple and it’s hard to believe that it was so close to the soapbox racing crowd.

6. victoria park/ tin hau.

yesterday I went with Lauri for dinner at tinhau. We had dandan noodles and he said that it was the best food that he has eaten in hongkong apparently! After dinner, we went to visit the nearby victoria park. Hongkong just never fails to surprise me, people were playing basketball, football, tennis and rollerblading in a very big park and the backdrop was skyscrapers. It was quite a contrast, it took me a while to get used to this sight.

When I was watching the perks of being a wallflower, the part that struck me most was when he was at the football stadium and he moved towards patrick and talked to him. I think that’s how I felt (especially at the start) during exchange, sometimes I’m uncertain and a little afraid, but I force myself to say hello to people.  Come to think of it, those first hellos were not so difficult after all because these people are just so nice.


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