I tend to people-watch alot these days when I’m alone and I realised human beings are really interesting beings – lost, resigned and desperate sometimes, yet they try to pretend to be in control of their lives all the time.

1. As this school is situated on the mountain, I have to take at least three lifts to get from my room to my classes. And it is funny that when the lift doors close, many people take out their phones and whatsapp/ message or something when there is no reception in the lift. It is almost as though being alone is portrayed as something not right, as people try desperately to appear occupied and…not alone. But why so?

2. When I was on the late-night train yesterday, there was a group of working adults who were talking and laughing really loudly. The way hongkong is like, people are generally quite quiet in enclosed spaces so the amount of noise that they were making attracted my attention. I especially noticed this lady in the group who was carrying a LV bag because not alot of people carry that here as compared to Singapore. At one stop, everyone in that group left the train, leaving just that lady with the LV bag on the train. She sat down, took out her phone and her smile quickly vanished and it’s replaced by a resigned and worried look. I felt quite sorry for her at that moment, and I wondered if those people she was with knew what she was going through. I wondered why we need to pretend to be happy.

3. I think people are most beautiful when they are engrossed reading a book. Not magazines, newsfeed, notes or newspapers but just a book. Because there is no practical motivation to read the book, and yet they do it all so willingly, entering the story and experiencing the lives of the characters in there.

4. When I came here, I was quite stunned that some local students don’t say hi when I walked past them in the dormitory or met them in the toilets. But now to think about it again, how much is that polite hello or smile worth when you know you won’t want to befriend that person?


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