When I graduated from rj, we were each given a raffles passport cover as a souvenir. I suppose I know why they did so, it is to tell us that the a level cert we got from there (and maybe its brand name) is our passport to the many opportunities that the world offers. That time I felt really free, like I could be anything, I could do anything, as long as my heart wants it.  I know I shouldn’t complain, but 3 years down, I feel that more doors are closing down on me than what I would like it to be. Most of the deals are sealed, all that’s needed is for me to follow through.

Life is probably like that, doors close down on everyone as we age. But as I look at that passport cover again, I feel a tinge of regret, that I settled for, not chose, the safe option, the conventional route. That I didn’t experiment enough with life, that I didn’t do the passport enough justice. I still try to go on adventures, try new things, but they are all…within determined, defined limits. I put a latch on my own life, it just somehow doesn’t seem right to be totally free.

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