one step (day) at a time

Life is in top gear for me this week with classes, hocc, parties and the random adventures in between.  Okay, one at a time 🙂

1. rollercoaster

On Saturday, I told Lex that I have never gone on a rollercoaster because I always managed to come up with lame excuses but I would really want to take it one day. On the next day, I went to the Ocean Park with Lex, Lauri, Koon Tong and Wei Jun and I was already conjuring some excuses but Lex and Lauri kept urging me on. So there I had it, my first rollercoaster ride. Honestly, I can’t remember much about the ride, but what I remember was when the ride was over, my arms were trembling and numb because I was gripping the harness too tightly. With this experience, I think I can conquer the tougher and higher rollercoasters another day.

2. free fall

It was in Ocean Park as well, you know the kind of rides that bring you to the highest point and just drop . Honestly this was a lot scarier than the rollercoaster because when it went down so fast, I couldn’t feel my butt on the seat and wow, I thought this is it. I don’t think I will try this again actually!

3. HOCC marathon.

I came here, uncertain if I would enjoy the play but I just knew I wanted to see her live. When I saw her for the first time on Tuesday, the adrenaline rush was quite…once in a lifetime . When she looked in my direction with that look of determination, I could feel the adrenaline rush and I didn’t know what to do but to groove to the music. Fangirl moments aside, the play is really good – it controls the atmosphere really well. When it got to the funniest part that everyone laughed and clapped, something happened and the atmosphere was changed. Even though I have listened to the songs in the awakening album so many times, they just sounded so different in the play. It makes the songs, even the happiest one, seem so much deeper and more emotional.

It was, overall, a very sad play, funny at times. Every night I cried (at different points!) and so did the people who were sitting near me. And it’s odd because I don’t cry easily but some of the dialogues were just plain depressing that I can’t help but to cry. In the free booklet they gave us before the play, it says that the play is like a mirror of your own life, so it makes people reflect on their growing up and all. Initially, I thought what kind of nonsense is this but it’s quite true actually. These lines kept playing in my head each night  when I made my way back to the faraway HKUST.

“人总是一个人来一个人走,这是唯一的事实”. This line was repeated at three junctions in the play. I guess it kind of resonates with me because I came to HK all alone, leaving behind so many things and people in Singapore.

“既有木石前盟,又何必金玉姻缘?” I love this line actually, it sums up the story of the dreams of the red mansion – how two people love each other and are made for each other but it’s not in their fate to be together. And that’s sad, how people are so helpless in the face of their own fates.

宝玉: “我希望你快乐。” 黛玉: “宝哥哥,我希望你懂我。” That makes me really sad for some reason, i felt guilty, how many “cheer up” or “jiayou” have I uttered without really understanding what the other person is going through?

黛玉: “我会记住它们,因为它们飘落的时候,我们在一起。” I woke up this morning and this line kept recurring in my head. Sometimes something so wonderful happens, all we can do really is to close our eyes and remember that moment.

And I cried because the songs were just so emotional. Last night when hocc was singing 癡情司, i could hear her sniff and it’s just so sad that I can’t help it but to cry.

4. Hiking/ Rock-climbing

It was a spontaneous trip one afternoon to the beach near HKUST. Lauri and I saw it the other day when we were talking by the seaside and we decided to check it out. The rocks were quite steep and slippery at some parts and we had to use the ropes at some points to get from one place to the other. I was quite scared at times but I just had to take it one step at a time. He helped me to get across some parts as well. When we finally reached the beach, I felt that I have accomplished something. The beach was so beautiful but deserted, It was just the two of us, we walked on the sand, listened to the waves and the birds and talked. Later on, we tried to find an alternative way back and so we walked through this abandoned farm and climbed many steps (i think it’s about 30 storeys because we ended up at the front gate of the school). It was quite an adventure!

enroute to the beach!

5. Lan Kwai Fong

Last night, I went to lan kwai fong for the welcome party. I didn’t really like the place, there were many drunk people in a very small place and an overwhelming number of expats there. In the end, I went with Lauri, his roommate Terrence and his buddy this bar nearby and played tumbling tops. We went to a nearby club for a while after that but it was too loud and crowded so we didn’t enjoy ourselves so much.

So that’s a week of my life. Classes have started and it makes me treasure the pockets of time that I have with people more.


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