It feels a little strange typing ‘october’ in my small room in hongkong while listening to Constanza’s spainish accent. I remember when september came, I was still in singapore, uncertain, wondering what was ahead of me.

My parents came for the weekend and just left and it just feels odd when I said to them as they boarded the bus, “see you when 2013 comes.”

i think memories are really interesting, as we live on, things that happened to us are carefully compartmentalized and stored in something like drawers, sometimes we knowingly choose which drawer we want to open but most of the time, i think, it’s the little things that we associate with the respective drawers, like a certain smell, sound, phrase, taste or sight, which prompt us to open those drawers and relive those pieces of memories again in our head. it’s kinda bittersweet i think, sweet in that i remember i once had it, bitter in that it can’t happen again.

but life here is really good, let’s see what i’ve done between the last wordpress till now, i went for the foodtasting event in school (which was quite bad), i went to watch horse-racing which was really fun and an eyeopener, i went to the victoria peak to watch the sunset and i realised that the sun does set really very fast when viewed from the mountains, i went to lantau island again but this time round, i went to the ‘wisdom path’ which i didnt go the other time and it was absolutely gorgeous,, i went for the very nice lantern festival in a city park, and i went for the insanely awesome tai hung fire dragon dance.


That’s the sunset from the Victoria Peak when I went there with my parents.

That was horse-racing at Happy Valley. I went there with Constanza, Lauri and the Singapore guys. It’s funny how the first floor looked like a mini party with so many Westerners and the upper floors were packed with locals who were very serious with the horse races. Some of them actually placed bets on the horses and lost some money. It was also funny how at the end of the race, the big screen would show people congratulating an old man (most probably the owner of the winning horse). The atmosphere was also quite crazy, especially when the horses were at the final stretch of the race.


That’s the wisdom of path on Lantau Island. There are 38 of them (i think) scattered around a small area. My parents really like this place.


The lantern festival was today and there were alot of people there. It’s crazy how they used the park next to the shopping malls for the event. the durian lookalike changes colour all the time and it is apparently 6-storey high. The queue into the durian wasextremely long but I queued for it anyhow. It was a nice event with free mooncakes.

The tai hung fire dragon dance is a 133 years old tradition at Tin Hau and it’s so touching to see the young, old, women, men all involved in this. It apparently came about because there was a plague in the village one year and they wanted some festive mood to chase it away. It was super packed, half an hour and i couldn’t see anything but thank god people moved away (I think they went to see the fireworks) so i got a good view. The performers essentially ran around the complex holding onto the dragon and swaying the dragon body from time to time. They stuck incense on the dragon head and the body and during the “half-time”, they actually gave the the incense to the spectators as a kind of blessing.The best part was that this fire dragon dance was a 10 min walk away from the lantern festival. In hong kong, expect the unexpected.



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