Five things I hate about technology

Haha have been reading alot of thought catalog and I really want to write a title the way that they write theirs! I really love how technology allows us to stay connected (especially now that I’m abroad) but I think some of the new toys are abit too much.

1. Last seen at/ seen.
The first on the list, I dont know why whatsapp  or the new fb chat have this stupid function. It’s like I can’t stop myself from looking at it when I open the chatbox. I think I have this conversation before, this new function makes people question each other, why didn’t he or she reply when, judging from the last seen time, he or she should have seen it? Am I worth nothing? Especially when I’m arranging meetups, I find myself questioning my friends. In the past with smses and phone calls, I’ll just wait, knowing they are busy but now it’s different. And it’s just stupid. Why do we have this?

2. YouTube ads.
I really hate this, when I play a video, I have to put up with stupid advertisement. Maybe it’s just hongkong but I can’t skip the advertisement at all. When the 30s advertisement is over, I feel less excited about the video. It’s just like slow streaming of movie. Is it so difficult to enjoy a short clip on the internet?

3. The ‘like’ button.
I’m guilty of using it, but I dont really like it. I think someone should do a paper on what people mean when they like something. Is it a polite way to end a conversation? Is it because they want to be there? Is it because it is just conveniently there?

4. Birthday posts on fb
The way it goes, on your birthday, there will be streams of birthday wishes from people you haven’t spoken to in years. I tried to initiate conversation with people who wished me in my first year of using fb with a ‘how’s life? ‘ but I realised soon enough few wanted to catch up, I guess they are just bored in life that’s why they typed birthday posts. Last year I think I received 100 wishes but I prefer those times when I received maybe 10 and knowing that these people bothered and cared. Now the edges just fade a little.

5. Some magical tool that allows the same thing to be posted on multiple social media sites
I dont know what it is but back in the days when I used twitter alot, I saw some people who posted the same thing on facebook and twitter. Its probably an app I think. I mean you’re not some superstar and do you have to reach out to so many people over nonsensical things? Rephrase, since they aren’t superstars, bother the same group of people twice on two social networking sites? I absolutely cant stand these people.

I really love mails and letters because it’s so personal and it takes so much effort. Well at least for me because I dont send through post often and didn’t know where the post office was until yesterday. Everyday when I come back to the room, my roommate will say,’ah Wendy today I found a mail in our mailbox but it doesn’t belong to either you or me. I was so happy when I saw something but…’ hahaha, it’s funny how we come from different cultures but love the oldfashioned, soon out to date snail. 🙂


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